LIQUID BACON links and reviews roundup!

Simon Ward's PEACEFUL PLANET video featured on Network Awesome/20Jazzfunkgreats !!!!

here and here

PEACEFUL PLANET and MOON OF PEACEFUL PLANET both featured in Electronic Beats' 'Videodrome - This weeks best video'!

here + here

Mishka Bloglin review!

"Golden Axe channel a sort of  Add N To (X) analogue vibe, finding the comfortable balance between sheer mania and rich, lush harmony. It’s not terribly dissimilar from their work on previous release Fantasy Footwork, but the nuance is even more pronounced; rather than crashing hard off the high of a track like “Fulltime Fun”, Golden Axe lead you gently into the winding, chilled out soundscape of “Circular Staircase”. Maybe it’s only relaxed by comparison, but the sudden breathing room makes Liquid Bacon’s overall impact all the more…you know, impactful."

Leisureonly review!

"I feel like the last dozen or so music posts I’ve stuck up here have been AMDiscs releases. This probably looks like I’m on their payroll, but, sadly, I’m not. It’s not my fault the keep putting out really great records. If they’re not going to back down, I won’t either. What we have here is an internet stalemate. Although it’s one where they get consistently positive press and I look like an over-enthusiastic brown-noser with one music site in my bookmarks."

Hartzine feature!

Volume mag/ NZ Herald review - 8/10!

Undertheradar review - 8/10!