Telephone E.P.

01. Telephone
02. Thinking Ahead
03. Free Time (Wundercastle REMIX)

The follow-up to chart-blazing single Free Time, Telephone is Golden Axe at their epically catchiest. Casting their gaze upon a classic theme, Telephone’s addictive melodies and energetic rhythms transform the commonplace into the otherworldly. Telephone captures Golden Axe at the height of their psychedelic pop powers - currently taking cyberspace by storm with a recent feature on the Pitchfork affiliated Altered Zones website.

"Golden Axe skew sugared and spacey. They want you present and attentive, but that’s because they want you to have an awesome time." Popcorn Noises blog

As a bonus Golden Axe have included two extra tracks. First up is brand new song Thinking Ahead. This freshly recorded psych-pop nugget was recently featured on a compilation by Czech Republic-based label AMDISCS - alongside such international notables as Lucky Dragons, C V L T S, railcars and …

Rounding out the disc is a dancefloor-ready, dream-pop remix of Free Time by Mark Wundercastle (Tiger Tones/Fistful Of Gemstones). With freshly autotuned vox and a small arsenal of sunbaked synths, Free Time (Wundercastle mix) is a guaranteed dance party favourite.

Fantasy Footwork

cd/cassette/digital release
Fantasy Footwork is Golden Axe's third album, an exciting collection of catchy pop nuggets and upbeat cosmic adventures. Their most accessible to date, Fantasy Footwork cements Golden Axe’s position as New Zealand's finest left-field pop duo since the Tall Dwarfs. Fantasy Footwork was mastered by Luke Rowell and album cover artwork is by Auckland painter Anya Henis.
Available nationwide (NZ) in stores, shops. Digital release available HERE.

1. Psypirates 02:26
2. Cat Master 01:16
3. Telephone 02:58
4. Free Time 02:39
5. Planet Of The Apes 02:15
6. Watch The Clock 03:58
7. Fantasy Footwork 08:23
8. Give Me Real Food 23:48

Free Time E.P.

digital release
JFBS / Crystal Magic
The first single from their long-awaited new album, Fantasy Footwork, Free Time is Golden Axe at their smoothest and most spellbinding. A salute to leisure, Free Time transforms the mundane into the magnificent via a toe-tapping slice of psychedelia - it's one of Golden Axe's poppiest songs yet.
As a bonus B-side, they've included the upbeat Krautrock instrumental - Like It Or Limpet, a whirlwind of cosmic energy whipped into streamlined catchiness.
Download right now HERE

1Free Time
2Like It Or Limpet

 Golden Axe Sampler

An hour-long selection of Golden Axe faves from their ever expanding catalogue. Songs range from amped-up party anthems to drawn-out, psychedelic mind-squelch. Sold at Camp ALowHum 2010 - 22 trax!

We Walk In Circles REMIX E.P.

CDR release
JFBS / Crystal Magic
A remix of Computers Want Me Dead's hit We Walk In Circles.


Hot And Cold E.P.
Label: JFBS / Crystal Magic
Cover of Katy Perry's hit Hot & And Cold


Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

July 2009
Digital release
Label: JFBS / Crystal Magic / Cheese On Toast
Length: 5:45
Cover of Michael Jackson's mega cool mega hit.

Best Of Both Worlds Volume 01

JFBS / Crystal Magic
Length: 60:00
60mins of the tightest most psychotropic jams yet to grace the magnetic medium. The BEST OF BOTH WORLDS series follows Golden Axe on a non-linear journey through their expansive greatist hits archive. Each volume gives witness to their most holy and divine power as the of kings improvised psychedelic noise pop. Behold!

FAVourite New Machine REMIX E.P.

JFBS/Stink Magnetic / Crystal Magic
Thought Creature's Favourite New Machine - Remixed!!! Plus the heart stopping favourites you know and love all squeezed into a MEDLEY!! Get it here!! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4Z64FLXJ

1FAVourite New Machine (Golden Axe REMIX)

Peaceful Planet

JFBS / Crystal Magic Length:
60:00 min
Live at Artspace in Orcland 08/08/08. Highlights from the 88min High Definition performance now on rapeape tape.

Party Alarm Bells L.P.

CD release
JFBS/Stink Magnetic

1Hi/Zoo Party
4Maze Maps
5Vacuum The Room
6Time Fog
7Surfs Up
8Black Rainbow Forrest
9Tree Huts
10Fortress Of Boredom
11Heavy Numbers
12Soup Or Salad?
13( )
15Van Song
17No Food
18Free Drinks
20Robot Buddy
2121 Things

Hypercolours E.P.

Length: 10000:80:24
22 tracks and over an hour long, straight up. We've totally pulled out all the stops with the keyboard mind-meld on this one, so kick back to the neo-summer vibes and wavetastic up and downness of this mighty disc. Each CD comes in a full colour, double sided sleeve and is accompanied by an original drawing by one of the team.

11. Hypercolours
22. Stone In My Shoe
33. No Days Off
44. Social Situations
55. Neon Palm Tree
66. Micro-Dracula
77. Andrews Vs. Andrews
88. Last Advanced Cast Glass Class
99. First Song
1010. Apes Now! (Return Of The Rape Apes)
1111. Watery Wisdom
1212. Machines That Look Like People?
1313. Death Shave
1414. Permanent Werewolf
1515. Time Ran Away
1616. +_+_+_+_+_+_+
1717. ''''''Sports Techno
1818. Fantasy Tan
19Fantasy Tan
20Hanging Out
21Tane Mahuta
22V. The R.
23Give Me Some

Yum E.P.


11. Tree Huts
22. Books
33. Memphis Creep
44. Zazz
55. Two Keyboards
66. John Douglas
77. G.O.L.D.E.N.A.X.E.
88. Romantic Moments
99. Instruments
1010. Waverave
1111. Canary Rap

Golden Shake Hands L.P.


1Vacuum The Room
2Fake Guitar
4Surprise Party
6Me Vs You
8Ah AH Ah
94000 Scientists
10Om Da Da
11Summer Song
12No Food
13March Of The Rape Apes