Moon Of Peaceful Planet = Volume/NZ Herald's SINGLE OF THE WEEK!

Single of the week! 9/11

 " might even be the most perfect execution of their tangled vision yet. A coolly hypnotic synth line bubbles on over a feather-lite drum beat, while the cosmos oozes and belches ominously in the background. If Norwegian slo-mo master Lindstrøm had grown up op-shopping in Birkenhead he might sound like this - my only complaint would be that at five minutes it's about half as long as it could be." - Duncan Greive

Moon Of Peaceful Planet video by Daif King

Peaceful Planet video by Simon Ward

LIQUID BACON links and reviews roundup!

Simon Ward's PEACEFUL PLANET video featured on Network Awesome/20Jazzfunkgreats !!!!

here and here

PEACEFUL PLANET and MOON OF PEACEFUL PLANET both featured in Electronic Beats' 'Videodrome - This weeks best video'!

here + here

Mishka Bloglin review!

"Golden Axe channel a sort of  Add N To (X) analogue vibe, finding the comfortable balance between sheer mania and rich, lush harmony. It’s not terribly dissimilar from their work on previous release Fantasy Footwork, but the nuance is even more pronounced; rather than crashing hard off the high of a track like “Fulltime Fun”, Golden Axe lead you gently into the winding, chilled out soundscape of “Circular Staircase”. Maybe it’s only relaxed by comparison, but the sudden breathing room makes Liquid Bacon’s overall impact all the more…you know, impactful."

Leisureonly review!

"I feel like the last dozen or so music posts I’ve stuck up here have been AMDiscs releases. This probably looks like I’m on their payroll, but, sadly, I’m not. It’s not my fault the keep putting out really great records. If they’re not going to back down, I won’t either. What we have here is an internet stalemate. Although it’s one where they get consistently positive press and I look like an over-enthusiastic brown-noser with one music site in my bookmarks."

Hartzine feature!

Volume mag/ NZ Herald review - 8/10!

Undertheradar review - 8/10!


Pay what you want (free) download.
Out now on Amdiscs

Cover art by Imogen Taylor
Mastered by Fraser Austin
Dedicated to Brian the cat 2007/2011

COOL new artwork for HOT IN THE CITY.

Keep cool with this hawt cover art for the first single from LIQUID BACON.

Golden Axe - Liquid Bacon album release TOUR

Come along to the release of Golden Axe's amazing and super mysterious brand new album LIQUID BACON on AMDISCS!!! It'll be available for pay-what-u-wanna digital download and on special limited cassette release from 9 December 2011! Vinyl release due February! :O

The fabulous SECRETS will be performing with the band in the North Island.

Here's the tour details >>>>

Auckland - Friday 9 December w/ SECRETS - Audio Foundation HQ, KOHA ENTRY 6pm start. There will an art installation involved - COME EARLY. BYO. All agez

Wellington - Saturday 10 December w/ SECRETS, plus GA DJs - Mighty Mighty

Christchurch - Friday 16 December w/ Richie Venus, Planet of the Tapes & I Drink Your Blood (Stink Magnetic festival) - The Darkroom, 10 bux for the whole three day festival WTF. 9pm start.

More info/merch deets to come.

GOLDEN AXE - LIQUID BACON 2011 album release / tour info (press release)

Popular Auckland based electronic pop duo GoldenAxe are releasing their new album Liquid Bacon inDecember 2011 - through critically acclaimed Czech-Republic record label AMDISCS.

Golden Axe w/ Princess Chelsea 'Sexual Angel' (CORTINA cover)

Golden Axe and Princess Chelsea team up to cover this awesome song by CORTINA (NZ). Everyone wins. FREE. As included as a part of the beko♥AMDISCS compilation  >>>

(update - voted #1 on the Bfm Top Ten for three weeks in late January/early February 2011!)

(double update - Princess Chelsea is an internet celeb now >>>

Epic-length Real Groove magazine interview w/ Duncan Greive (transcript)

Golden Axe – The Transcript
Fri, 03 Sep 2010 by Duncan Greive

After over a decade together in one form or another we felt it was high time Real Groove chased down synth-noise duo Golden Axe for an interview. Composed of Real Groove's own Chris Cudby and Daif King, the pair are featured in September’s Real Groove in support of their superb new album Fantasy Footwork. But the constraints of magazine pages being what they are we feel compelled to give you the full transcript of their conversation with Duncan Greive, a sprawling hour-long interview conducted amidst the pop-cultural rubble at Golden Axe’s New North Rd HQ.

Duncan: When did you guys meet?

Daif: We’re totally both from Beach Haven. How specific do you want to get?

Duncan: Very specific. I want the day, I want first impressions.

Chris: All I can remember is I was hanging around Daif at Birkenhead College quite a bit, and he had a bit of a Lou Reed look going on – (sun)glasses, longish black hair, listening to, I don’t know, some (HLAH) music. I remember Daif and Daif’s friend James gave me a lift into town.

Duncan: How old were you at this stage?

Chris: Probably 17. Quite old.

Duncan: Well, you know, also quite young.

Chris: Yeah, true.

Daif: I remember there was that party. Everything was going really well, everyone was having a good time. Through shared friends, we didn’t really know each other, then all these rugby heads showed up and started to ruin the party, as they do, and we found ourselves talking about Japanese noise for some reason. It was really, really weird.

Chris: Japanese noise can end up forming strong friendship bonds.

Duncan: And here you are. My very limited knowledge of Birkenhead is that it’s not a haven of Lou Reed-looking types who listen to Japanese Noise. How did this happen?

Golden Axe on AMDISCS : Futures Reserves Label compilations!

Our new song Thinking Ahead can be heard on this compilation from the amazing Czech Republic-based AMDISCS: Futures Reserve Label.

V/A – “Asapizza Anal Compilation” – 2010

ALSO - our song Free Time was included as part of an earlier AMDISCS/International Tapes compilation >>>>>>>>>>>

VA - "Twilight Sausage Mixtape" - 2010


Free Time = No. 1!

Free Time = number one on the Radioscope national Alt Music charts for three weeks in July/August 2010.

Here's the crazy proof:

week one
week two
week three

High Seas show - National Radio article by Nick Atkinson


19 August 2010
Golden Axe album release at High Seas Gallery

It was a dark and rainy night in central Auckland. It seems the roads have been wet and shinny-black for many days. After a long week getting my ears bashed by various amateur bands it was time to attend a show that possessed a certain amount of suspense and drama.

Daif and Chris are an odd couple. Although he's a kiwi Daif has a slight American accent due to the huge amount of TV he consumes. Chris is shy and thoughtful but when the duo put on their costumes and don their wigs Chris adopts a somewhat possessed robot persona who shouts, yells and sings through a mic strapped to his face like a gas mask. The act is called Golden Axe. They've owned the number 1 spot of bFM's top ten for the past few weeks with their single Free Time.

When I arrive the pair are busy packaging their latest album, Fantasy Footwork, on cassette! Daif has been hard at work dubbing the cassettes on a professional dubbing machine he came across in a skip, or has he says in his affected drawl, "a dumpster". The band use an array of found objects to decorate and adorn their bizarre installation. For the album launch they've created a huge construction that resembles an igloo smoking a pipe capped with a massive black top hat.

Inside the "blobby face", as Chris calls it, the two musicians have set up seven keyboards and stack of effects. It's very cramped and has the feel of a sci-fi landing craft complete with sparkling holographic wall-paper and tin-foil decorations. The amps hiss and squelch as Daif heats up the various synths and delays.

After one final check the guys dart back-stage as the crowd quickly assembles. Replete with wigs, make-up and boiler suits the duo return. The keyboards start to snarl and bleep. The audience whoops. Daif pain-stakingly cuts an aperture in the wall of the igloo so the crowd can see a little of the action going on inside. The air is heavy with smoke and anticipation. Sirens whirr into life and Chris begins vocalizing. "Hello, how's it going" becomes an other-worldly robotic reverberation. The crowd cheers. Daif drops the beat and the dancing and smiling begins.

They're turning people away at the door. When I leave they let one person in from the crowd outside. The joint is crammed. It's been a great show but I've got to head to the Nesian Mystik album release on the other side of town. I stow the recording gear, coil my cables and hit the road, still glossy and dark from the continuous winter drizzle.

Tune into The Music Mix this Thursday evening after the 11 o'clock news to hear the full story....

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"“When you’ve got a lot of free time, you can do what you like.” Wiser words were never spoken." MTV Iggy


"Golden Axe skew sugared and spacey. They want you present and attentive, but that’s because they want you to have an awesome time." Popcorn Noises

and here

"Golden Axe make the type of pop music that would have Katy Perry riding a unicorn on a treadmill with lasers shooting out of it’s eyes." Cheeseontoast

Some hi-res pics

lower image by Stevie Kaye - thanks to Look Sharp Store

Stinkfest 2008 - KIWI KRAFTWERK

" The Kings of Kiwi Kraftwerk werk their home made electro gadgets & Warehouse bargain bin synths to a mad lo-fi disco trance amalgamation. No other ele ctro outfit better in the fashion world than this. Xmas lights, shit taped to shit, headphone mics and much more. So hot ages ago, right now & light years into the future. The term "rave" takes on a whole new wrong kind of meaning. Finally feell good about your hypercolour & glow stick collection in a strange new realisation. If you miss this you are a dick."